An argument for film photography

I shoot film. I don’t hate digital photography. On the contrary, the digital cameras produced today can do some amazing things. Capturing quality low light images while handheld? Storing thousands of images on a thumbnail sized card? Blasting away shots at crazy frame rates? These are all things that digital cameras do amazing well and seem to do better and better with each new generation. I even own a couple digital cameras. They are great tools for the tasks they excell at. They just don’t excite me. They don’t inspire me. If I gave you a shovel and told you to dig a hole you may look at it and think it’s a nice shovel but you still have the hard job of digging a hole. If I gave you a really nice bike you would probably get on it and┬átake it for a ride even if you didn’t even need to go anywhere. In reality both things are work but the difference is the enjoyment of using the tool. For me a digital camera is a shovel and a film camera is a bike. There are times I really need that shovel but if I can do without it I’m taking the bike.

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